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My Money Mindset – Finances During Divorce


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One of the biggest fears post-divorce are finances.  Trusting yourself to make financial choices is a big issue, especially when it comes to your divorce settlement.  Our guest, Dr. Deborah Nixon, helps us to understand what we need to do.  Dr. Nixon is an entrepreneur, professor, executive, consultant, and community volunteer; she has identified a common need in today’s cautious working environment for trusting professional relationships. Economic instability has undercut our readiness to trust one another – and this is especially hard in divorce.  We’re gong to relate this all to your post-divorce life.

Dr. Nixon helps us understand the importance of building and maintaining trust in ourselves when making financial decisions – especially when it’s post-divorce, and the worry is “what about my future?”   She has developed the MyMoneyMindset and Trust Intelligence Program and shares her work, to help us with financial decision-making. We discuss the intangibles of trust, reputation and integrity to make them tangible and practical.

To understand how these goals are met in reasonable manner we explore:

  • Defining Moments as a pivot point for deeper understanding of financial decision-making
  • How assessments, coaching and consulting have helped clients learn to take charge of their money while helping professionals learn what their clients need from them.
  • Helping to develop Financial Wellness
  • The 10 Minute Survey
  • The importance of feeling strong so that you can manage your money

My Money Mindset will help you make better and more informed decisions about your money. Tackle those hard issues. A raise, the family budget, a financial plan, your relationship with your financial professional. Don’t you owe it to yourself! Isn’t your peace of mind worth it? This interview will surely help you understand what trust means, trust breaches and trust repair. Fascinating stuff.

To find out more, contact Dr. Nixon at, or call 416-986-7049

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Author: The Smart Divorce

Deborah Moskovitch went through a seven-year battle that nearly overwhelmed her emotionally and financially. Now she is using her experience, as well as insights that she has garnered from top divorce lawyers, financial advisers, counselors and other experts to help people get a “smart divorce,” as they move through life post-divorce and to advise them on how to position themselves for a better life post-divorce. She is acting as a divorce consultant, helping people choose their lawyers, strategize their approach to divorce, and deal with the negative emotions that can make divorce worse than it has to be. Her goal is to help people manage the divorce process in a healthier, less painful way.

3 thoughts on “My Money Mindset – Finances During Divorce

  1. Excellent Article. We are all much more concerned with a financial plan that will work for both the husband and wife instead of dividing everything in half and “have a nice day”. Our clients deserve more. As you know some spouses have never paid a bill or written a check. Let’s help to give them the tools they need to succeed. This more holistic approach is not therapy, rather the giving of information to develop a foundation upon which our clients can make informed decisions.

  2. Deborah, I love your work and your articles. I only wish you would acknowledge the great work Certified Divorce Financial Analysts perform on behalf of their clients (or truly plural, in the case of a Collaborative case). It would be wonderful to be able to comment, as a financial planner and CDFA, on the importance of making smart financial decisions in the divorce process. I respect your collaborator, but I would love to see the commentary of some active participants in the mediation, litigation, or collaborative approaches to divorce.

    Continued success.

    • Hello Paul,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my work, and glad it is making a difference. I am very supportive of the important work CDFAs do for their clients. I have explored the guidance and benefits a financial divorce specialist can offer clients on The Smart Divorce on Divorce Source Radio. And I frequently recommend financial divorce experts to my coaching clients. Please contact me at and perhaps we can find a topic I haven’t covered, and you can discuss for our listeners.

      Happy holidays, and best regards,

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