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Did you know that the divorce rate rises with each subsequent marriage? You would think that once people come to terms with the relationship being over, and gained some insight into that ending, that they would be much smarter entering into another significant relationship…….but the divorce rate rises to staggering 67% and higher for subsequent marriages by these same individuals There are some common themes I hear about and mistakes I often see, when a significant relationship ends.

People all too often try to jump into another relationship before understanding what it is they really want or need to develop a healthy, long lasting relationship. For example, studies show that people frequently marry before they truly understand something as basic as their partner’s financial and economic value system, their partner’s view of fidelity, their partner’s aspirations and life goals. Whether it is fear of turning their partner off, fear of being rejected by their partner, fear of having to deal with information and realities that are unpleasant, or simple wishful thinking, taking the time to probe into these matters will promote the success of that relationship.

There are very important conversations and considerations a couple must explore. These questions are answered through my interviews with

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