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Hear Deborah on Divorce Source Radio

Hear Deborah talk about

The Smart Divorce on Divorce Source Radio

Have you heard about internet radio show Divorce Source Radio?

Divorce Source Radio is a free Audio Source for help and support if you are in the process of divorce.  Host, Steve Peck interviews leading divorce attorneys, psychologists, family counselors and experts in the field of divorce to provide you advice and support during and after your divorce.

I’ve been invited to speak about The Smart Divorce and how to navigate the divorce process.  Tune into program #28 at

Learning The Smart Divorce process helps you move efficiently and effectively through the practicalities and process of divorce while significantly reducing the complexity, costs and time involved ending a marriage.

By providing the tools and strategies to make better informed decisions for you and your children, The Smart Divorce helps you move forward with focus, hope and confidence.

If you are considering divorce or just beginning the process, according to Divorce Source Radio, this is a must hear program!

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Why I neded to write about my divorce

People often ask my why I wrote the book, The Smart Divorce,

I learned so much about divorce, that I wanted to help others through their divorce.  But, my experience wasn’t enough.  I researched divorce extensively speaking with over 100 foremost experts – lawyers, therapists, financial experts and others — across North America.

For more detail, read the article in the Globe & Mail Why I needed to write about my divorce

While divorce is an ending, it is a new beginning —  to a

life that can be rich and rewarding.

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Divorce myths debunked

Are children of divorce really doomed? Does communication get better?

There are many myths and misconceptions about the outcome of divorce will be postdivorce.  People often have incorrect visions about how their  life is going to unfold – with their former partner, their children, dating, and the all too common thought “the grass is greener on the other side.”

Please click on the link for a reality check:

I wrote this article for More magazine’s online edition. More magazine is a publication which celebrates women over 40.  Men should also feel comfortable reading this article as it offers great tips that apply to both men and women.  If you would like to browse through this magazine click on the following link:

People need to process what the separation means to them on an emotional level; to consider the marriage/relationship in terms of what was good, what was not so good, and how they may have contributed; and, who they are and want to become, as individuals, separate from the relationship.  It does one good to become conscious of lessons learned from the old relationship, or else risk a replay of the dynamics in subsequent relationships.