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Nurturing parent/child bonds

The issue of parent alienation has been front and center in the media recently, and deserves the attention. It’s the children who live out the divorce and deal with the toxic reality of conflict.

Justice Harvey Brownstone, a family court judge in Toronto, wrote an insightful essay which appears in The Globe and Mail, on what he described as “a prevalent concern in high-conflict custody litigation.” The link to this article, which every parent should read, is below.

Justice Brownstone raises significant issues which parents need to consider. However, it is important for parents to look at their own behavior and consider how this might be affecting the relationship with their children.

My response to this serious issue of parent/child relationships appears in today’s Globe and Mail – letters to the editor.

If you are wondering whether or not my comments ring true, read on for a real life example of someone who paid the price dearly, and suffered significant damage as a result of parent alienation.

It’s a parent’s responsibility to give their children the best life possible -this means being mature enough to

put your feelings aside

and do what is in the best interests of your children.

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10 frequently asked divorce questions

The divorce process is often fraught with many questions.How do you know it’s the right thing to do?Do you stay together for the sake of the kids?What if I don’t trust my spouse any more and so on.

Many of these questions are answered in an article appearing in Homemakers magazine.Please click on the link to have your questions answered. 

Being smart about divorce means asking the questions and doing the research to answer them.

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Hear Deborah discuss how to have The Smart Divorce

What makes a smart divorce and what do you need to do to get there? Listen to this interview on; an internet television station.


I was recently interviewed on The Liquid Lunch and I discuss my motivations for writing The Smart Divorce, my perspectives on smart parenting and how to move on to create a better life postdivorce.


Click on the link to hear me speak.

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Home alone: the post-divorce social scene

 All too often I hear people talk about having nothing to do on the weekend. While it can seem lonely at times, there are things you can do to help make new friends, or find ways to enjoy the weekend.


Please click the link to read more about tips and strategies as to how to accomplish a post-divorce social life.

I wrote this article for More magazine’s online edition. More magazine is a publication which celebrates women over 40. Men should also feel comfortable reading this article as it offers great insight into moving on postdivorce; tips that apply to both men and women. If you would like to browse through this magazine click on the following link:


It doesn’t have to be lonely, get out there and enjoy yourself.

Have a fabulous weekend and a great week!